Writing Adwords ad copy for a certain type of buyer

Written by InternetStarter on March 1, 2009 – 9:11 pm -

I’ve been searching for info on creating/writing an Adwords ad copy for buyers of a particular mindset. On Wickefire, I found a great post giving out valuable tips.

ImagesAndWords post on How To: Create Ultra-Targeted Ads and get Highly Converting Campaigns. The post goes on to describe the three different mind frames of searchers online.

1) The Surfing Mode – They are still not sure what they want or need. The user might only be interested in researching. Worst case ROBO (Research Online Buy Offline).

2) Comparison/ Review mode – They know what they want or need, but not which one is the best. They are still researching but are closer in making a purchase.

3) Buying Mode – They know which one they want or need, but where should they buy it.

The post by ImagesAndWords goes on to attach keywords and land page suggestions for each of the three mindsets. The post also gives example ad copy for each mind set.

I would recommend reading the complete forum post. Read the rest of it here.

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